ReCharter 2016

Are you preparing your Scout Unit's Re-Charter Paperwork and Submission?

Make sure to attend The Re-Charter Training: a special breakout session at the November Roundtable (Nov. 10th)

Didn't have a chance to go, or want to see the training again? ... You're in luck, we recorded it!

Click Here to go to the You Tube Video on this training titled: "Re charter Training Curtis Conde"

Want a copy of the Power Point Presentation?  Click here for the PDF


Have you had trouble collecting youth protection training from those who have "already taken it?" See the following instructions on how they can print their certificate and also add/update their correct membership number to their online profile:

  1. How a BSA Adult Leader can print (or re-print) a Youth Protection Training Certificate:
    1. Login to
    2. Click “Menu” (top left corner)
    3. Click “My Dashboard”
    4. Make sure the heading “My Training” is showing
    5. The default tab is “YPT” – Click on the Printer Icon (on the right hand side).
    6. See the Screen Shot Here
  2. How a BSA Adult Leader can add or update their membership number on
    1. Going to 
    2. Click “Menu” (top left corner)
    3. Click on "Legacy Web Tools"
    4. Click on "Manage Member ID"
    5. Do you see a membership id?  Is the correct one, if not, then remove and add the correct one.
    6. Don't see a membership id?  Just add your correct one... Make sure to select the Ore-Ida Council #106
    7. Once this is done, all trainings will automatically track to your unit and council.


Take the time now to prepare for the online submission by doing the following things:

  1. Have an updated roster of all the adults (and their positions) and all the youth.  You might find this document helpful in creating a roster. (Excel Spreadsheet) (PDF)

  2. Check to make sure each registered Adult Leader has completed their youth protection training.  If you are registered as the Committee Chair or Charter Rep, you can update this training yourself once you've verified with the Adult Leader when the training was complete.  It is the best practice to have them send you a certificate of their training.  You can do this by logging onto (no "www").  

  3. Collect any needed applications for adults or scouts that you know are not registered.  PDF fillable Applications can be found here: Adult & Youth.  Make sure the applications are correctly filled out the all of the appropriate signatures.  The most common omissions are the adult leader signatures on both pages 4 & 5, The two unit leader signatures, a SS#, and Question 6 on the right hand side of the application.

  4. Complete your units Journey to Excellence Score Card for the 2016 Calendar Year.  You can download the specific pack, troop, team, crew, or post scorecard here.

  5. If you run into any trouble or have any questions, please contact your District Executive: Curtis Conde.  918-0807 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  6. Bring your completed re-charter to Your Re-Charter Turn-In Night.  Each Zone or area in Boise will have a Turn-in Night in December.  Find the location closest to you, and bring your completed re-charter.  See the PDF flier.  If you can not attend... please notify Curtis right away.

December Week 1:

  1. Thursday Dec. 1st: Mountain Home LDS Stake Chapel: 790 S. Haskett St., Mountain Home 7pm

December Week 2:

  1. Tuesday Dec 6th: LDS Chapel at 6575 S. Eagle Rd. 7pm.  Meridian South and Meridian Victory Stakes requested
  2. Thursday Dec. 8th: Columbia Village LDS Chapel - Roundtable Location: 3800 E Grand Forest 7pm.  Boise East and Boise Central Stakes requested

December Week 3:

  1. Tuesday Dec 15th: LDS Chapel at 8620 Goddard 7pm.  Boise and Boise North Stakes requested
  2. Thursday Dec. 17th: LDS Chapel at 3700 S Maple Grove 7pm. Boise West and Meridian Amity Stakes requested